Missing launchbar icon on Ubuntu
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2018-08-10 09:29:20 UTC
Hi all,

I followed the Lars tutorial in order to build a RCP product using Tycho, everything works like charm but I stay stuck with a trouble on the launcher icon on Ubuntu...

Reading http://andrius.velykis.lt/2012/10/creating-icons-for-eclipse-rcp-launcher/ I well noticed that icons defined in .product have to be relative to the project:
<launcher name="...">
<linux icon="/icons/icon.xpm"/>
<macosx icon="/icons/icon.icns"/>
<win useIco="true">
<ico path="/icons/icon.ico"/>

Unfortunately, and even if the rendering of the launcher icon is correct on Windows and OSX taskbars, it remains empty on Ubuntu 16.04 (screenshot attached).

Nothing related is printed into build log, and icon.xpm is available into the root directory next to the launcher itself.

I know that this can be fixed using a .desktop file placed into ~/.local/share/xxxx but I consider this as a workaround, because I never defined any custom file for Eclipse SDK and the icon is well displayed into Unity.

Does somebody have any solution to get it working?

Best regards,

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