Building standalone JAR using Tycho for plugin dependencies
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Matthias Schoettle
2018-11-12 15:52:17 UTC

We have are building an application that is EMF-based and as such our
projects are Plug-in projects to make use of the dependencies. Besides
depending on Eclipse plug-ins we also have some third party libraries
(JARs) that we depend on.

Our final application is standalone, built as a JAR (fat JAR is the name
I believe).

I am new to Maven and Tycho. I was able to set up a pom-less build using
P2 for the Eclipse dependencies. Each individual project builds, but now
I am wondering how I can build the final application.

I read that there is a problem with the Tycho classpath not being
available for other Maven plug-ins.

Is there a recommended way to use Tycho for the dependency resolution,
but build a fat-jar using Eclipse dependencies?


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