target-platform-configuration filtering must be even used within one git repository
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Johan Compagner
2018-04-24 07:13:40 UTC

I use the filtering quite a lot to make sure every branch on all my git
repo's really use the right
plugin version of another repository.
But yesterday i noticed that i even have to filter the repositories own

For example i have a repository with a parent pom and lets say 10 plugins
(modules in maven)

Those plugins do depend on other plugins from other repositories so i
already had filters setup for that.

All is ok if i just do "mvn install" on the parent pom and build all the

But yesteday i noticed if i do mvn install in 1 of the plugins or i do mvn
install -rf :amodule (to resume a failed build, but still i am in the
parent dir!)

It suddenly uses the wrong plugins that normally it will build its own
So i do:

\parentfolder\mvn install

that fails because of a test failere
i fix that and then i do

\parentfolder\mvn install -rf :testmodule

it suddenly takes the wrong stuff.. I maybe can understand if i really go

\parentfodler\module\mvn install

that it then maps on wrong thing (but even here it is annoying)

But that a resumed install suddenly maps on something different then when
starting just from the beginning is quite weird to me.

So now i added filtering of its own modules and then it works, but i wonder
if that should be really needed?
Johan Compagner
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